The Trump Pence Administration has Forced Planned Parenthood Out of Title X


The Trump-Pence administration has been attacking reproductive health and rights since taking office, but the most recent assault has been on the nation’s Title X program. In fact, Planned Parenthood (which provides care to about 40 percent of the country’s 4 million Title X patients) has been forced to withdraw from the program. Jack Rayburn with the Planned Parenthood Federation of America talks to us about Planned Parenthood, Title X, and what we can do to fight back against these attacks on funding for reproductive health care.

Title X is the nation’s only dedicated family planning program that provides free or low-cost birth control and other sexual and reproductive healthcare for low-income women across the U.S. It includes birth control, STI screenings, cancer screenings, HIV testing, and other basic healthcare. For many, it’s one of the only ways to access affordable healthcare.

In early 2017, a proposed rule which fundamentally changed the way Title X works was met with intense backlash. Thousands of comments were submitted to the Department of Health and Human services, but the rule was unfortunately finalized. The rule gags providers who participate in the Title X program by prohibiting doctors from referring patients for abortion care. It also makes it difficult for many providers, including Planned Parenthood, to participate by requiring asinine financial and physical rules. The rule also loosens the requirement of quality for reproductive health care. This policy disproportionately impacts people of color, Latinx people, those living in a rural area, those in the LGBTQ community, and those who are low income.

Planned Parenthood treats a large proportion of those that rely on Title X in the United States, but they have been forced to leave the program because they could not ask their providers to violate their medical ethics by complying with the rule. Eight other states have also signaled that they are not complying with the changes to Title X.

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