Trans Rights Are Human Rights! #ProtectTransHealth


Since the day President Trump took office, there have been countless attacks on the health, rights, and well-being of transgender people. Katelyn Burns, a freelance journalist covering LGBTQ and reproductive health issues and the first openly transgender reporter on Capitol Hill joins us to talk about all of the ways in which the current administration has undermined the health and rights of transgender individuals.

Attacks on the transgender community haven’t been totally centered in the health-sphere. In fact, the attack on trans rights that has been most widely discussed is the military ban (this is the only anti-transgender policy that Trump has tweeted about, which may explain the disproportionate level of interest as compared to other, even more devastating anti-transgender policies that particularly impact people of color). The administration also passed a rule that would force homeless shelters that receive federal funding to deny shelter for homeless trans individuals, and instead house them in a shelter aligned with their birth-sex. Attacks have also focused on transgender students, employment protections, and much more.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has been no stranger to limiting, restricting, and blatantly attacking the health and rights of the transgender community. One rule under this administration’s HHS allows anyone who has a religious objection to reproductive health and LGBTQ+ health (abortion care, birth control, Plan B, hormone replacement therapy, top and bottom surgery), and another proposed rule allows providers to totally refuse care to transgender individuals just because of who they are.

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