Episode 7 Action Items

UNFPA provides critical health services in over 150 countries, including family planning, pre & post natal care, and HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention. U.S. support for UNFPA over the last 45 years has embodied what remains true today: investing in the health and rights of girls and women – and empowering them to plan their families and their futures – yields direct returns to the U.S.

Call your Senators and Representatives and let them know how important funding for UNFPA really is! Write a letter or call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121.

 You can also use the hastag #FundUNFPA and share your thoughts, stories, or some of our sample tweets on Twitter!

Keep up to date with UNFPA’s campaigns, missions, and news by following @UNFPA on Twitter and UNFPA on Facebook.

Sample tweets:

·         Defunding @UNFPA puts the health & rights of the world’s most vulnerable girls and women at risk. #FundUNFPA

·         .@UNFPA provides critical services in 150+ countries. Cutting US funding threatens the lives of millions of women. #FundUNFPA

·         Eliminating US funding for @UNFPA jeopardizes the health & rights of millions of women worldwide. #FundUNFPA