Episode 23 Action Items

Want to get involved in policies affecting sex education?

Find out what your local school district policy is related to sex ed, and find out if these policies are actually being enacted in your schools!

Access resources through Advocates for Youth and SEICUS.

Check out the Guttmacher Institute for more information on sex education around the country.

Find out what you school board policy for sex education is. Run for school board! Let your school board members know why sex education is important to you.

Make sure your Senators and House representatives know you care about funding for the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program and PREP, and that you would like them to continue as they were founded 8 years ago. You can also let them know that you’re tired of money being wasted on abstinence related programs that aren’t effective. Go to town halls! Contact legislators at 202-224-3121 at the Capitol Switchboard.

Most importantly, vote on November 6th! Let’s make comprehensive sex education the new norm!