Episode 54 Action Items

While litigation between Planned Parenthood and these rule changes is ongoing, there is still a lot listeners can do.

Follow PPFA on Facebook and Twitter and stay up-to-date on how they are fighting back against the Title X rule changes. Use the #ProtectX hashtag to explain what Title X means to you. Take action through Planned Parenthood here, and text PINKOUT to 22422. Check out the community letter that urges Congress to say no to gag rules.

Call your U.S. Senator and tell them that you are worried about the Trump-Pence administration’s changes to the Title X rule. The House spending bill has included protective language against the Title X changes and the Senate has yet to act on this bill. You can press them on where they stand on this harmful rule. You can contact the Capitol Switchboard here! 202-224-3121.

 Call the House of Representatives to thank them for helping protect those that are covered by Title X.

 You can listen to our past episodes on attacks on Title X as well as the Global Gag Rule.